Engaging Our Community in response to Covid-19


The Newham African Caribbean Resource Centre (NACRC), working in collaboration with Rights & Equalities in Newham (REIN) and African Youth Organisation (AYO) was commissioned by Tower Hamlets Public Health in October 2021 to engage with the Black Caribbean community in Tower Hamlets.


With over 35 years experience of engaging with the African Caribbean community, the health and wellbeing of our people has been of paramount importance to us. We believe that our health, which is our human right, is our wealth and we need to protect it.


To this end, following the onset of the pandemic, a number of our people lost their loved ones, businesses and source of income, while some are still hospitalised due to covid-19 or suffering from the effect of it emotionally, mentally and otherwise. In addition, health and socio-economic inequalities and deprivation plaguing our community may have also placed us at high risk of infection.


Unfortunately, many more of our people are still contracting the covid-19 at an alarming rate; perhaps, due in part to information disseminated on social media, cultural or religious beliefs or simply mistrust in the efficacy of the vaccine.


In light of the prevailing situation, during the month of October this year, we organised a series of events to celebrate our rich cultural heritage as well as acknowledge the contribution that the black Caribbean community has made to the world. The event provided us the opportunity to articulate our Project aims to our community at an opportune time, which took into consideration the covid-19 pandemic with speakers drawn from across various health professionals, academics, faith and community leaders.


In order to engage positively with the Black Caribbean community in Tower Hamlets, we have adequately completed a mapping exercise that will give us an indication of where the black Caribbean reside, work, study, socialise and do their business in and around Tower Hamlets.






You can check our Director of Public Health's updates page for the latest changes and updates in Tower Hamlets.


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Black Caribbean Mapping Report in Tower Hamlets.

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