Aims & Objectives of the Black Caribbean Covid-19 Vaccine Hesitancy & Uptake Awareness Campaign

In response to the global Covid-19 pandemic key measures have been in place to control the death rate, reduce the spread and protect people from the virus. This has included extensive testing through the national NHS test and trace programme and more recently the national vaccination programme. Evidence shows that the Black, Asian, Ethnic Minority community has been adversely affected by Covid-19, experiencing significantly higher death rates than the general population. Uptake of vaccination and Covid-19 testing are two vital measures which contribute to reducing the spread of the virus including recently detected variants of concern (VOCs). This is in addition to hands, face and space and self-isolation guidance when indicated.
Evidence is also emerging that the vaccination is effective against identified variants of concern. In response to this, The London Borough of Tower Hamlets has commissioned The Newham African Caribbean Resource Centre, an experienced community organisation, working in collaboration with Rights & Equalities in Newham and African Youth Organisation, to deliver a programme of community outreach, engagement and support that ensures Black Caribbean community members living, learning and working in Tower Hamlets are fully engaged in the prevention of Covid-19, including but not exclusively its NHS vaccination programme, NHS Test and Trace and Covid-19 prevention and protection messages and future national campaigns.
The commission is needed to ensure that the Black Caribbean community in Tower Hamlets are actively communicated to clearly, and are enabled to fully engage in Covid-19 prevention and protection programmes, receive accurate and timely information and are supported to access services to enable them to live safe and healthy lives in Tower Hamlets.
Campaign Summary
• The overall requirement of this programme is to engage, communicate and support the Black Caribbean population of Tower Hamlets in a coordinated culturally sensitive and competent manner, to enable and increase the protection and prevention of Covid-19 and the uptake of NHS vaccination programmes and NHS Test and Trace.

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Black Caribbean Mapping Report in Tower Hamlets.

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Black History Month Flyer - Our Health-Our-Wealth Matters-NACRC-LBTH
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