Volunteer Workshop Schedule:
Course Title: Date: Trainer: Comments:
Induction & Customer Care 24 Feb 2012 Caroline / Project Manager See Details
Health & Safety 16 Mar 2012 Caroline See Details
Time Management 30 Mar 2012 Caroline / Selina See Details
Team Working 20 Apr 2012 Caroline See Details
Safeguarding Children & Vulnerable Adults 11 May 2012 John C See Details
Media Training 27 & 28 June 2013 Suleiman Garcia See Details

All participants will receive a certificate at the end of each course outlining attendance and the content of the course.

Training will be delivered in the evenings between January and April - days preferred Monday, Thursday and Friday.

Location of Training Centre:

Newham African Caribbean Resource Centre, 627-633 Barking Road, Plaistow, London, E13 9EZ

Image of a map showing the location of the Newham African Caribbean Resource  Centre


Staff experience

The training will be planned and co-ordinated by Aston-Mansfield Community Involvement Unit. It will be delivered by staff from Aston-Mansfield who are skilled in the areas of delivery as well as in delivering training and working with volunteers. The unit is a team of Capacity Building specialists that have experience and expertise in all aspects of third sector development. The unit was established in 1991.

Caroline Rouse MSc

Caroline has worked for Aston-Mansfield since 1999 and is currently an Assistant General Manager with the responsibility for Community Buildings, The Community Involvement Unit and New work. Prior to joining Aston-Mansfield she worked in training for over 15 years in three London Boroughs both delivering and planning training for a wide range of staff and apprentice areas.

She has a Masters degree in Training and Continuing Education as well as a post graduate certificate in Personnel and a Certificate in Human Resource Development.

She has recently been a trainer on the national Collaboration and Partnerships training programme for basaac working across London and Essex and delivered training for Southend Council to support the third sector to support their commissioning process.

Selina Rice

Selina is a qualified Youth worker and trainer and has held management positions in youth work in a number of London Boroughs. She has worked for Aston-Mansfield for 4 years in a Research and Training capacity. She has delivered a wide range of training sessions using a range of styles from courses attached to recognised qualifications with assessment to experiential learning. She also delivers a mentoring programme on Building management for Aston-Mansfield on a pan London contract.

John Connor

John joined Aston-Mansfield in December 2000 as Centre Manager for the Froud Centre. He was appointed Lifelong Learning Manager in October 2002 carrying a portfolio with special responsibility for lifelong learning. He became Assistant General Manager ffor Projects in 2009. He is a professionally qualified youth and community worker. He is known for being creative in solving difficult conflict situations between young people and other community members.

He has had particular success over the last fifteen years in developing strategies concerning diversionary activities for young people and developing rescue plans for community groups. He is a committed trainer and facilitator with training qualifications from Surrey University.

He established the Drug Action Team in Barking and Havering. He has published a number of articles sharing his success in intervening with difficult to reach young people, including 'Learning theory and its application to a training situation'.

Course Requirements:

Group size

All 24 volunteers can be trained in a single session.


The training sessions have been costed at £180 a session, but will be offered to our volunteers free of charge.

Training will include:

  • the trainers preparation and travel time
  • Set up and take down time
  • delivery of the session
  • Course materials
  • Write up and dissemination of any work produced ( eg codes of conduct)


Induction & Customer Care
Date: Time: Details: Trainer:
24 Feb 2012 18.30 hrs
  • Introduction to the project and planned exhibition and workshops dates.
  • Role of the volunteer in the plans.
  • Outline of the volunteer training plan.
Caroline / Project Manager
18.50 hrs
  • What is meant by customer care — Expectation of the volunteers.
  • Expectations of the project.
19.10 hrs
  • Customer centered working.
19.20 hrs
  • Listening skills.
19.50 hrs
  • Engaging people.
20.10 hrs
  • Code of conduct.
20.20 hrs
  • Q & A and Evaluation.
Health & Safety
Date: Time: Details: Trainer:
16 Mar 2012 18.30 hrs
  • Scope of training & definition.
  • Fire. First Aid. Keeping safe - you and clients.
Half hour on each
  • Fire — Knowing the alarm and evacuation routes, know what is expected of you, care for clients, what to do if you find or create a fire, smoking and other common hazards
  • First Aid — Knowing who is the first aider, when is it first aid and when do you call for help, follow up – forms etc. Simple first aid
  • Keeping safe — trips and other hazards, being aware of potential dangers / risk assessment.
  • Action plan for exhibitions and workshops. Responsibility for self and visitors. Spotting hazardous behaviour. Guidelines of safe working.
20.10 hrs
  • Code of conduct.
20.20 hrs
  • Q & A and evaluation.
Time Management
Date: Time: Details: Trainer:
30 Mar 2012 18.30 hrs
  • Why is time management important?
  • What is the definition?
Caroline / Selina


18.50 hrs
  • All about planning.
  • What is going to stop you getting it all done?



19.10 hrs
  • How to make a plan.
  • Giving yourself the best possible start.
  • Practice.


20.00 hrs
  • Is time elastic? Who manages time?



20.15 hrs
  • Rules to take away.
  20.25 hrs
  • Q & A and evaluation.
Team Working
Date: Time: Details: Trainer:
20 Apr 2012 18.30 hrs
  • Introductions and aims of the session.
Caroline / Selina
18.45 hrs
  • What is a team — brainstorm.
  • Accepted models of team and definitions of roles within teams.
19.00 hrs
  • How do you build a team — stages of development.
  • Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing.
  • Exercise of what happens at each stage.
19.20 hrs
  • Team building activity.
20.00 hrs
  • Rules for a good team.
20.15 hrs
  • Questions & Answers.
20.25 hrs
  • Evaluation.
Safeguarding Children & Vulnerable Adults
Date: Time: Details: Trainer:
11 May 2012 TBC
  • The course will highlight the main areas of concern in this area and what is recognised as good practice.
  • It will then work with the volunteer team to develop an aide memoire for volunteers and a code of conduct..
John Conner
  • Training will cover what is abuse.
  • What to look out for and how to report concerns.
  • How to recognise and avoid danger points.
  • Code of conduct for volunteers.

Image gallery of the Safeguarding Children & Vulnerable Adults session dated 11 May 2012.

Media Training
Date: Time: Details: Trainer:
27 June 2012
  • Introduction.
Suleiman Garcia
  • Getting to know the parts and settings of the digital camera.
  • Setting up camera - using the tripod.
  • Setting up camera - the use of lighting.
  • Getting to know about the settings of the camcorder.
  • Practical session using the camcorder/digital camera
  • Viewing and editing footage and images
  • Question and answer session
  • Evaluation
28 June 2012
  • Introduction.
  • Interviewing techniques, different types of questioning.
  • Preparation, voice training.
  • Researching the subject before the interview.
  • Role playing exercise.
  • Question and answer session
  • Evaluation

Image gallery of the Media Training session dated 27th & 28th June 2012.