Aims & Objectives

Volunteer Activities

This project relied upon the input from all volunteers working together to produce research material that would be shared between everyone. Participation in training courses, exhibitions and attending visits were all a part of individual development.

To encourage all volunteers to submit stories, poems, artwork, photographs or anything else that may become a useful source of information for others involved within the project.

Our intention is to develop this page into a forum by which you can communicate with others on the project, to the wider community, and a space to display any work they have gathered. Also to showcase the talent we have amongst us as writers, artists, photographers and organisers.

We shall not limit your sources of information to just images and text, we would like to also see video footage or animations that you have created, so that we can get a different perspective of displaying media to realise your potential.

To improve your research capabilities by preparing for every eventuality by following a few golden rules of media production:

  • If you can, bring a digital camera with you to all the events you attend, as this will enable you to capture a moment that no-one else may have spotted.
  • Bring a notebook and pen to jot down areas of interest and record your movements to create atmosphere and depth to your stories.