Project Launch - 29 October 2011

image of the launch day flyer The project was formally launched on the 29th October 2011 to coincide with ‘Black History Month’ (in the United Kingdom) at the Newham African Caribbean Resource Centre in Plaistow, East London.

It was attended by in excess of 250 people from diverse ethnic communities including those from Edo State. This included prominent Benin Historians, Local Councillors of Newham Council and the VIP Guest Speaker Engr. Bernard Woghiren, the UK Representative of the ‘Oba’.

The House of Commons Launch - 30 January 2012

picture of inside the House of commonsThe official launch of the 'Echoes of Benin kndom/British conlict 1897' and the introduction of the volunteers to the project took place at the House of commons (Jubilee room) on Monday 30th January 2012.

The event took place between 3-5pm and included a guided tour of the House of commons and House of lords.

The British Museum visit - 23 & 30 June 2012

picture of the British MuseumThe two trips to the British Museum were attended by 126 people reflecting the diverse residents from Newham and its environs. The ages of the attendees ranged between 8 and 70. The focus of the trips was the famous ‘Benin Artefacts and Archives Collection’. This included guided tours of the ‘African Galleries’, led by the Curators of the African Section.

The Curators provided a seminar on the ‘Ancient Benin Kingdom’ and facilitated lively ‘Question & Answers’ debates on this topic. They also designed workshops for the participants to work in small groups during the tours.

End of Project Celebration - 21 December 2012

picture of the British Museum The project culminated with a celebratory event at the NAC Resource Centre on 21 December 2012. The attendees totalling nearly 300 were treated to a presentation of Benin cultural dance and drumming, an acrobatic performance, a fashion show featuring African fabrics.

The NACRC 50+ performed salsa, zumba, quadrille, African and line dancing. The youth showcase - Malaika Dance Unique and AYO gave performances of dance, drama, fashion and riddles.